Memorable Safari | Accommodation
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What type of accommodation would you like? We believe accommodation is one of the most significant aspects of travelling. We know that each person is unique and requires something different, adventure, fun filled memories, sunrises to observe or sunsets to seize. We have a number of accommodation options that range in price and style. From one of our great value options, to exquisite luxury. One could sleep outside under the stars at one of our vibrant hotels, by the sea. Or you could opt for a tented safari camp or luxurious lodge. Immerse yourself in the beautiful settings of Tanzania.


Thatch roof, bricked walls, clay floors, wooden decks and african style décor with en-suite bedrooms. Hard built in the middle of nature, the lodge is fenced so walking from and to the restaurant is safe at night. Their unique earthy structures and reclusive locations are just some of the traits that make them so fascinating. These types of accommodations are equipped with all the necessary comforts.


It’s all wildly-catered, there is no restaurant and the camp is not fenced which adds to the true flavour of the African bush.  Most camping take place on public sites which cover sanitation and toiletries. A cook/caretaker is in attendance along with the tour guide/driver.  This style of accommodation still remains comfortable and favoured. The cook provides three fresh meals a day as well as setting up and dismantling the camp, which consist of removable tents, foldable tables and chairs.


A somewhat hybrid approximation of the lodge and camping, tented camping is an accommodation that offers the comforts of the lodge while remaining true to the love of the bush. With its permanent or mobile tented structure, these types of accommodations are situated in the sensational pulsing environment of unfenced nature.